Writing for your business marketing blog

I like gardening, the Seattle Mariners, and I voted for Obama. Wait, did I just lose you? Then maybe I voted for McCain.

Giving your customers appropriate information

That’s the problem with sharing too much information on your business blog.  The information you post may reflect poorly on your business if it drifts into these too-personal areas. At the same time, if you post material that is too “salesy” your visitors are not going to take you seriously. For better results, keep it balanced and focused on your company’s industry or services. Some ideas for good business blog topics:

  • Industry growth trends
  • Top Ten lists (e.g., top ten features to look for in product X)
  • Answer a customer service question

Topics to avoid in a business blog

Here are some examples of topics you should avoid in your business blog:

  • Overselling your own products. People can find your products elsewhere on your site so there is no need to sell them on your blog as well. Providing balanced information will give you credibility within your industry and bring new visitors to your site.
  • Political viewpoints. I’m not saying you shouldn’t share your views, just don’t do it on your business site unless it’s directly tied to what you do. The same goes for religion.
  • Inside information about your company (particularly if you are public)

Personal blogs

You may have one or more personal Blogs where you share family photos, your views on politics or religion, etc. But when it comes to your company’s website, keep your focus on your business.