Managing your website content

A Content Management System (CMS) provides self-publishing features so you can add information to your site without special software or training. Blogging tools, such as WordPress (which this site uses), provide a good example of a basic CMS.

Why should you care about Content Management Systems?

I have Adobe Dreamweaver and other specialized applications on my computer, and when I’m developing a website I use them extensively to manage files, customize templates, and perform other development tasks. This is my job and I’m trained to use these tools to get my work done. But when I develop a website for a client that site is designed to serve THEIR needs, and THEIR customers.

Focus on writing good material

If you are my customer then it’s a safe bet you are not a Web developer–if you were you would develop your own website. Your business is something that you understand better than anyone, and when you have a new marketing campaign are customer service article you’d like posted on your site you can save time and money by publishing the content yourself. This should be your focus, writing and publishing material that your customers will appreciate.

How simple is this?

This article is itself a good illustration of how powerful and simple a CMS is. I am writing this in my Web browser without the use of any special software. If I want to take a break for awhile I can save my work without anyone else seeing it. Once I’m satisfied with the article I can hit a Publish button and voila, my article is instantly visible on this site.